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Boldly committed to the future

The environment and dedication to sustainability is paramount, no matter what industry you’re in.


We recognize our responsibility to the environment and show this through our technical implementation of alternative-energy applications in our homes, sustainable construction practices, and responsible land development.

All FH Development Group homes are Energuide registered, and tested by a 3rd party engineering firm in order to provide you with an accurate report quantifying energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions saved. We believe in designing creative and comfortable spaces with efficiency in the forefront of our projects.


In 2021, FH Development Group labelled 42 EnerGuide houses. The average energy savings for an FH-built house was 8,103 kWh/year compared to a house built to energy code minimum requirements. This represents an average annual energy savings $1,312 per year for owners of FH Homes. 

In total, houses labelled by FH Development Group in 2021 save homeowners $55,135 per year in energy savings and offset 222 tonnes of eCO2 per year. This is equivalent to taking 48 cars off the road each year!



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